A collection of Unique NFT's running on Ethereum. They will be used in our Platform as a Service within the Metaverse to unlock different features and modules.
Yes, each No-code Agent uniquily designed by our artists.
The price is 0.5 ETH + gas.


No-Code is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that offers all the needs of running any business in the digital age. We provide firms with all the necessary tools required to manage and operate efficiently and in the smoothest manner possible.

No-Code is a cloud-based system, so as long as you have an internet connection, we can offer our services from Canada. Our flagship, the No-Code AMS, is a fully customizable software that requires no programming, or as we call it, "No-Code".

Additionally, we use No-Code to develop in-house products such as the upcoming Privacy Officer, a cyber-literacy program for firms which uses our custom learning management system, and Graduate Supervisor!

Our central database system allows for the foundation and the continuation of your business online. No-Code can help your business grow and offers an extensive set of tools to make sure the growth doesn't stop!

We hope you choose No-Code for your digital needs!

- The No-Code Team